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Formula 3 Around the World
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Formula 3: A Global Franchise
Where it Was, and Where it is Today
This global map represents each country which has either hosted a Formula 3 Championship race in the past, currently host a race event on 2010 calendars, operated it’s own series in the past or running it’s own national Formula 3 Championship at the moment. Total count is up to 42 countries.

Yet indicative of this map, a Formula 3 Championship has never had a presence in Canada nor the United States besides a one-year defunction in 2001. Contrastingly North America houses some of the largest event-sponsored, most-diversified, and globally-recognizable Blue Chip corporations
Our continent represents a burgeoning marketplace for such a jointly-promoted, cooperatively-driven, and universally-accepted form of motorsport. And Canadian Formula 3 sponsors have the potential to enjoy the kind of mass exposure knowing that 57% of every other week for 6 months out of the year, their target-consumer products will benefit from a perpetual brand building experience.MAGNIFYING_GLASS