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Margaux Matrix Limited

MARGAUX_MATRIX_2J_NEWS_SLIDERSummary: Margaux Matrix, Ltd. commissioned to present post race ‘Brand Reports’ of Canadian Formula 3 events to series sponsors, partners and race team participants on a per request basis by means of their proprietary brand identity recognition software application. Canadian Formula 3 Championship to assist in client registrations.


Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom / March 1, 2010Margaux Matrix Limited to offer its dynamic brand exposure data analysis of televised multi-national brands to members of the Canadian Formula 3 Championship to enhance a sponsor's and/or partner's logo sizing and placements on the race car, team gear, trackside billboards, hospitality areas and television applications.

The flexible software program can also identify a number of locations for additional signage around a race track's perimeter, analyze empty spaces in a race team's sponsorship package, and how both translates to television screen time, unused brand exposures and ultimately lost sponsorship dollars.

About Margaux Matrix Limited

Based in Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom – Margaux Matrix is an independent media monitoring company supplying sponsors with brand exposure data from televised sport and entertainment events via a powerful image detection software tool for commercial applications. (

About Canadian Formula 3 Championship, Inc.

Based in Montréal, Québec, Canada – Canadian Formula 3 Championship, Inc. (CF3) is the premier open-wheel/cockpit, single-seat racing formula in the Canadian Motorsports Arena. The series is designed to provide the best possible platform for new up-and-coming prospects to enhance the global talent pool with the next generation of ‘groomed’ Canadian motor racing stars. (