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Powerlynx Motorsports Management, Inc.
POWERLYNX_2J_NEWS_SLIDERSummary: Powerlynx Motorsports Management, Inc. partners up with the Canadian Formula 3 Championship, Inc. to offer comprehensive driver management, consultation and representation to the series' Champion, and to the top percentage of race-winning drivers participating in the Canadian Formula 3 Championship.


Boston, Massachusetts, USA / January 18, 2010 Powerlynx Motorsports Management, Inc. and Canadian Formula 3 Championship, Inc. is proud to announce ‘Stage 3’ of a cooperative Junior Driver Development Program where the winner of the Championship receives a fully-sponsored season to race in the F3 EuroSeries, entry to the Macau Grand Prix, and managed by Powerlynx Motorsports.

Powerlynx Motorsports' Client Management Division will incorporate a fully-integrated, long-term driver management approach designed to propel the young Charger into higher and more powerful forms of motorsport. Powerlynx will manage, guide and represent Canadian Formula 3 graduates in fields of:


Contract Negotiations and Financial Planning

Hospitality Functions and Sponsored Events

Personal Brand Building and Merchandising

Source Potential Sponsorship Opportunities

Advertising and Commercial Endorsements

Public Relations and Media Management


Powerlynx Motorsports' consummate business discipline to Athletic Career Development creates the right environment by handling every operational aspect from start to finish, meeting the specific needs of the professional racing driver, and ensuring the campaign meets its fulfillment goals and objectives.


About Powerlynx Motorsports Management, Inc.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA – Powerlynx Motorsports Management, Inc. is a global motorsports marketing, talent management and motorsport consultancy firm delivering creative corporate sponsorship solutions and technical partnerships for racing teams, racing drivers, race circuits and motor racing governing bodies in various racing formulas. (


About Canadian Formula 3 Championship, Inc.

Based in Montréal, Québec, Canada – Canadian Formula 3 Championship, Inc. (CF3) is the premier open-wheel/cockpit, single-seat racing formula in the Canadian Motorsports Arena. The series is designed to provide the best possible platform for new up-and-coming prospects to enhance the global talent pool with the next generation of ‘groomed’ Canadian motor racing stars. (