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WorldF3rst Racing

Summary: WORLDF3RSTWorld First Racing to provide multiple eco-friendly parts and supply to Canadian Formula 3 race teams whom will carry the WorldF3rst logo branding on their race car, driver and team apparel, transporter and all marketable platforms.





Coventry, West Midlands, England / July 28, 2010 World First Racing will offer and integrate numerous forms of Green Technologies to Canadian Formula 3 racing teams that are made out of natural raw materials; bodywork made from potatoes, a race seat from soybean oil, mirrors from potato starch, plant oil based lubricants, and a steering wheel yolk derived from carrots and other root vegetables. Some of the parts are interchangeable that can be used on any make of chassis while bodywork panels are specific to the Lola design.


With the world’s car manufacturers constantly pushing for more efficient, cleaner-burning BioFuels, decreased emissions, and multiple Green Technologies through their many forms of motorsport divisions, our collaboration introduces the Championship to new renewable resource programs, eco-friendly Sponsors, Technical Partners, and parts suppliers to showcase their Green Technologies, or by creating new product developments through a highly-visible, global motorsport like Formula 3.


This philosophy breaks new ground and opens up the door to a new level of sponsorships by pushing beyond the scope of your traditional motorsport sponsors and Technical Partners. The Canadian Formula 3 Championship’s move into this “Green” direction now gives the ability to tap into an unconventional “Green” market to derive additional sponsorship revenues and private equity investment, ensuring a healthy, profitable, viable, and sustainable championship. The first and the only Formula 3 franchise of its kind in the world.


About WorldF3rst Racing


Based out of the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre, (WIMRC) at the University of Warwick in Coventry, England a technical group unveiled the “WorldFirst” Formula 3 race car derived from recycled products, renewable materials, and raw organic ingredients. The result is a machine that is 95% biodegradable and meets all safety requirements. (


About Canadian Formula 3 Championship, Inc.


Based in Montréal, Québec, Canada – Canadian Formula 3 Championship, Inc. (CF3) is the premier open-wheel/cockpit, single-seat racing formula in the Canadian Motorsports Arena. The series is designed to provide the best possible platform for new up-and-coming prospects to enhance the global talent pool with the next generation of ‘groomed’ Canadian motor-racing stars. (